Committees at AIM Free Clinic

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    Executive Directors

    2 member(s)

    Executive Directors are responsible for,

    • Making sure our services are in compliance with the broader vision

    • Making sure the services are really benefitting those in need

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    Medical Directors

    2 member(s)

    • Making sure the clinic is running with high standards

    • Making sure the clinic operations are in compliance with the regulations

    • Making sure the patients are getting the correct treatment that are offered

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    Practice Managers

    3 member(s)

    • Setup clinic days

    • Schedules appointments

    • Handles patient influx

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    Medical Advisory Group

    1 member(s)

    • Clarify questions from the medical providers

    • Advice medical providers on certain aspects of care

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    Technology Group

    2 member(s)

    • Takes care of anything related to technology

    • Advice on leveraging technology to provide better care

    • Takes care of managing the website and mobile apps